We present a growing collection of contemporary
cartoonic pictures in black and white.

Works of art created by visual artist Hans Weeren. Drawings in which you can discover your own story. Every picture is an invitation to get into dialogue with each other. A proces of communication that is so important to our world. At first sight you think to know what you see. Then you can notice the details. You can even name them. Further exploration leads to questions, such as: What do you really see? As they look longer, many people experience a degree of mindfulness. For sure these drawings are helping to wonder about and meditate on what is happening to (y)our world, to think different and to create new perspective if change is required.

Drawing, writing, filming, creating performances and visual art. Mixing techniques from these disciplines. Questioning thoughts and visions, experiences and information coming worldwide from men and media. It all leads to works of art and exhibitions that help you to see things different and getting inspired to make ‘that’ change. Change – if necessary – in personal life and change in a collective environment, such as family, friends, school, company, association and our world.

Hans likes to wander and draw in different social and natural landscapes. There he wonders about why and how people are related to other people and dedicated to all kinds of events. He as an open mind for ‘what’ on earth is going on? Why do you decide to act or doing nothing? Which source provides in your motivation? These and similar questions contribute to enter into dialogue with each other. He exposes questions and answers in his works of art and strives not to judge.


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