‘In the Forest of Attention’

The triptych and the art posters on this page are specially made for the Dutch
foundation Energy4All. This organization raises funds for research into
medications for children and adults who are struggling with
energy metabolism diseases.


Title of the triptych / whole: “In the forest of attention”.
Price of the triptych (format A2) € 500 (excluding shipping costs)
Individual posters (A3 format) Price per item € 25 (excluding shipping costs)

‘The Observer’

It could be about me. It can concern your life. Among many, we are challenged to discover the true meaning of being together.

“Meanings of Existence”

You and me. Our lives and those of others. We contribute to this.

‘With Love’

Confirmation: Each sheet. Any branch. Any trunk, all roots. Trees keep us moving. That is life. That is love.


‘Follow your heart’

‘Imagination leeds to Possibilities’

‘Unknown is the Landscape of the Eternal Pioneer’


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